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Tam Dao National Park is located north of Hanoi and can be reached in approximately one hour by car from the capital. The national park area consists of a 70 km long mountain range and is worldwide famous for its insects and birdlife.

Tam Dao town, a small city within the national park area with cool temperatures, attracts Vietnamese tourist groups from Hanoi at the weekends. However, the environmental awareness of stakeholders and tourists is still quite low. Hence, the surrounding forests are contaminated by sewage and waste and destructive use of the nature such as poaching or collection of plants.

Moreover, new tourist resorts are expanding continuously into the surrounding forests. Another problem is caused the restaurants, which are well known by visitors from Hanoi for their fresh bush meet from the national park area.

The aim of the consultancy mission was to compile a concept for visitor education and nature interpretation in terms of a "forest school", with interactive exhibits and learning elements in order to introduce biodiversity and the value of the national park area to a broad public.

Moreover, thematic hiking trails were conceived and equipped with information panels, which are showing the different vegetation and landscape zones of the park. The concept was compiled in close co-operation with the national park administration of Tam Dao National Park.


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