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Since 1990 in International Tourism Consultancy

Eike Otto, Tourism Consultant and Landscape Planner/ -architekt (Dipl. Ing.)

Professional background:

since 2005 freelance consultant for tourism and regional development
head of department for tourism and regional development at Berlin-Consult, preparation and co-ordination of various projects (specially in Middle- and Northern Europe, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, Africa and Southeast-Europe)
responsible for tourism and regional development at Gopa Consultants in Bad Homburg
head of department for urban project development/ co-ordination of architectural/ urban planning competitions with Achatzi Architects BDA in Berlin
employee with Weidleplan Consulting Stuttgart/ Berlin, responsible for urban masterplanning, environmental impact studies and landscape planning
freelance consultant with JFM Regional Consult Berlin, elaboration of tourism development concepts
postgraduate study tourism management at the Free University in Berlin
study landscape planning at the Technical University in Berlin, several months internships in Tanzania/ East Africa, diploma in landscape planning
apprenticeship in landscape gardening