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The Autonomous Republic of Adjara in Georgia is also often called the former "Russian Riviera". Today, the beaches are still densly populated in summer by tourists, primarily from Georgia and Armenia. However, since the past years a building boom occured, which causes numerous problems and ecological damages to the coastal zone area.

Beside urban sprawl and the disappearance of indigenous coastal vegetation, valuable bird sanctuaries are endangered by impacts from waste and sewage.

Other tasks to be solved are the continuing coastal erosion and the pollution of seawater by sewage and the oil harbour. These impacts require high attention to sustainable development issues in future.

In March 2008, a feasibility study for integrated coastal development with recommendations for immediate and medium-term measures was compiled in close co-operation with local stakeholders.

A meanwhile founded "coastal zone initiative" will start with activities soon in order to enforce coastal zone management and to prepare first pilot measures.


Adjara Dolphin-watch


Landscape in Adjara