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Masterplan Siquijor Island, Philippines
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The Philippine island of Siquijor is located in the Visayas southeast of Cebu, away from the main tourist streams. Siquijor is also known as the island "of witchcraft", since magicians and healers meet there once a year in order to exchange experiences.

In terms of tourism, Siquijor today is regarded as insider tip for scuba divers. However, there is further tourist development potential, such as the culture of the healers and magicians, a natural rainforest with numerous caves and underground rivers, small waterfalls in the center of the island, which are also suitable for swimming and churches or historically interesting buildings, such as the biggest convent in the whole region.

Corresponding tourist products could, on the one hand, increase the length of stay of tourists on the island and therefore generate additional revenue for the small businesses. On the other hand, tourism could contribute to protect the natural and cultural resources of the island, including the marine areas.

Within this consultancy mission, several development options and pilot activities for sustainable tourism development on the island of Siquijor were compiled and discussed with local stakeholders.


Foto: Eike Otto/ Beach in Siquijor, Philippines