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Sustainabillity is Future

Although some may think that sustainability ends with fulfilling all criteria of a certification sceme, it is moreover a comprehensive and ongoing issue. Sustainabillity refers to all means of travel, infrastructure, energy, food and beverages, waste and sewage and fair living and working conditions and many more. Once professionally developed, it may even become the main selling point of a tourism product or a tourist destination.

However, the concept of sustainabillity can only be successfull if it is fully adapted by service providers and destination managers. It needs to be understood as an ongoing challenge which is to be filled with life day after day.

Sustainability must be economically, ecologically and socially compatible. It also needs to be attractive, offering fascinating and unforgettable livetime experiences. An outstandng example of such livetime experiences are provided by members of an international organisation called TheLongRun. TheLongRun, being an association of private protected areas, unites ecotourism service providers from the most fascinating locations of the planet. The common philosoppy strictly follows the 4Cs principle: Communits, Culture, Conservation and Commerce.

More information about this organisation (which Iam also joining since 2017) can be found under: